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JRescuer JFS file undelete tool

If you accidently deleted a file or directory on a JFS volume, or have trouble with a corrupt filesystem, JRescuer is the tool of choice. JRescue and its bundled companion, JUne, makes it easy to recover files and directories, or unlock a volume in the rare cases where CHKDSK alone is not enough.

This package contains JRescuer, JUne, ISJ (show and edit information about superblocks), and a script to fix the longname attribute on directory names.


  • Easy one-step recovery process with command line tool
  • Graphical user interface requires just a few clicks
  • Able to access ArcaOS, OS/2, eComStation and Linux JFS volumes
  • Stand-alone operation without the need for the JFS.IFS driver
  • Preview files and extended attributes

System requirements ArcaOS, eComStation, or OS/2 Adequate free hard disk space for recovered files Download instructions: Download the software from the following link: You will receive the activation key by email from eCo Software usually within 72 hours after your payment is received. Please read the following instructions on how to install your JRescuer key. Notes * Although JRescuer can access JFS volumes written by Linux, it is not a Linux tool * Sponsor units do not entitle you to license keys, it is only to support the developer.

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Thinkpad Twist

Ноутбук-планшет / Intel i5 / 500 Gb / 4 Gb / на 2 часа


Сброс пароля Thinkpad

Сброс пароля супервизора, на вход в сетап BIOS, на включение ноутбука.


Оранжевый внешний диск

Резиновый бампер / 500 Gb / 750 Gb / USB 2.0

eCo Shop - интернет-магазин ноутбуков и компьютеров (/) eCo Shop принадлежит компании Сибирский Медведь

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